Family Surprised by Donors’ Gift!

Family Surprised by donors’ gift of minivan!

Imagine arriving in a new country, without something like a Town and Country.
How does one get to work, the doctor, or kids’ schools?
This is a question Dave & Jackie Nicholsen have apparently wondered themselves.

The family of Qasim Samoqi recently arrived in Lincoln from the war-torn area of northern Iraq. Traveling the thousands of miles to escape persecution is a significant task, and fortunately they are now able to call Lincoln, NE home. Now that they have arrived, they want to make learning English and finding meaningful work their highest priority. Fortunately for the Samoqi family, the Nicholsen family wanted to help.
Perennial donors to the Center for People in Need, Dave & Jackie Nicholsen donated a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country so the family can work, prosper and grow in our community. Dave Nicholsen partnered with Durst Automotive ( to not only provide a nice vehicle, but also a fantastic 90 day warranty on any repairs up to $1,000! Now that is going above and beyond. The Center for People in Need wishes the Samoqi family continued success, and gives its heartfelt thanks to the Nicholsens!