LB461: Tax cuts for the wealthy, Kansas-style.

Tell your state senator that LB461 isn’t good for Nebraska.

LB461 is a bill that will give the wealthiest individuals in Nebraska up to $5300 in tax cuts, but working-class Nebraskans will receive no tax cuts or very little (up to $53). One needn’t look far for examples of mismanagement of governance. Just to our south, Kansas is experiencing a catastrophic failure in regards to balancing its budget. Nebraska on the other hand, has historically been a sensible and sturdy low-debt state that still provides fundamental services to its citizens. What went wrong in Kansas? Basically, Kansas performed a grand experiment in “trickle-down” economics. This experiment entailed tax cuts for the wealthiest Kansans, with the hopes that the tax-savings would result in the money being reinvested in Kansas. However, over the course of the last decade Kansas has done little to buck the trend that favors the wealthy, while the working class still struggle to make ends meet.

Unlike Kansas, Nebraska has been a very healthy state in regards to disparity between the rich and poor. In fact, Nebraska has consistently ranked at the top of all states in terms of how our wealth is more evenly spread across the population of the state. Nebraska ranks #5, while Kansas comes in at a distance #22. Some Nebraska state senators are considering a tax plan that would provide tax cuts for the wealthiest Nebraskans (LB 461) and will likely increase property taxes for farmers and average homeowners. Over the course of its intended span, this bill would remove $458 million from state investments. In addition, it is possible that this could demote Nebraska’s tradition of prosperity, into one of mediocrity like our neighbors to the south.

We need your voice! Nebraskans must come together at a time when our state’s budget is already in crisis! Tell your state Senator that LB461 serves only 1 out of 100 Nebraskans! These tax cuts will directly effect important public services including; health services, education and transportation, among many other needed services.


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Dear Senator,
I don’t feel that LB461 is a good fit for Nebraska at the moment. With our current budget shortfalls, now is not the time to make this type of dramatic tax cut, particularly when it benefits very few people. Please do not vote in favor of LB461.

Your Name


Dear Senator,
Nebraska has enjoyed many decades of good governance, and it seems we have always rose above the national politics-as-usual. LB461 seems like a bill that is meant to enforce a tax-code based in theoretical economics and not tried-and-true tax code. Let’s stay grounded in our values, and not the politics of Washington. Please do not vote in favor of LB461.

Your Name


Dear Senator,
As you are aware, Kansas has recently cut taxes for the top income brackets in their state. Since this time, it has become a nationally recognized disaster. Kansas is unable to meet its obligations and in fact has had to borrow money to make ends meet. Let’s not be Kansas, please do not vote in favor of LB461

Your Name







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Family Surprised by Donors’ Gift!

Family Surprised by donors’ gift of minivan!

Imagine arriving in a new country, without something like a Town and Country.
How does one get to work, the doctor, or kids’ schools?
This is a question Dave & Jackie Nicholsen have apparently wondered themselves.

The family of Qasim Samoqi recently arrived in Lincoln from the war-torn area of northern Iraq. Traveling the thousands of miles to escape persecution is a significant task, and fortunately they are now able to call Lincoln, NE home. Now that they have arrived, they want to make learning English and finding meaningful work their highest priority. Fortunately for the Samoqi family, the Nicholsen family wanted to help.
Perennial donors to the Center for People in Need, Dave & Jackie Nicholsen donated a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country so the family can work, prosper and grow in our community. Dave Nicholsen partnered with Durst Automotive ( to not only provide a nice vehicle, but also a fantastic 90 day warranty on any repairs up to $1,000! Now that is going above and beyond. The Center for People in Need wishes the Samoqi family continued success, and gives its heartfelt thanks to the Nicholsens!


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Toyland for Kids 2016! Thank you Lincoln!

Another successful year for Toyland for Kids!

Thanks to the generosity of many donors and volunteers, over 1,300 families will have a very happy holiday season. The even better news…
The Center will be continuing to give away any remaining toys now through the 23rd of December!

Rest assured the holiday spirit of giving is alive and well in Lincoln. Do you ever feel like you need a little pep in your holiday step? If so, just check out all these toys that are finding there way under trees across Lincoln! 

It was wall-to-wall smiles as parents selected from thousands of toys, and don’t forget the teenagers, we had gifts for the older kids too. Our volunteers were many hundred strong, and made the three day event something special. In fact, we had over 500 volunteers help make the holidays special this weekend! A huge thank you to all of you that contributed your time and energy!

In addition to the thousands of toys, The Center gave away over 100 bikes, dozens of Christmas trees and a variety of other big-ticket items throughout the weekend. All this was made possible by hundreds of individual donors that have thus far contributed over a combined $10,000 in cash and toy donations. In addition we had substantial contributions from businesses across Lincoln.

Shopko made a huge impact this year, where local stores contributed over twenty employees’ time to helping The Center shop for, and pack toys onto a very large truck! In fact, Shopko not only provided substantial manpower, but also provided deep-discounts to convert donated dollars into toys. If that weren’t enough, Shopko even transported the roughly ten full pallets of toys directly to our doors! Remember to tell a Shopko associate “thanks” next time your doing your shopping!

Santa Cop is a charitable cause that is provided by our women and men in blue of the Lincoln Police Department. If risking their lives daily to serve our community wasn’t enough, the local police union heads an annual charitable auction that directly provides children in need with toys for the holiday season. This year, the Santa Cop auction raised $25,000 for toys! This contribution to Lincoln’s children provided somewhere in the ballpark of 1,725 toys that will be under trees this year!

In addition we had many wonderful businesses and organizations collect toys for our event as well as cash contributions to help fund the event. A big thank you to all who participated!


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