How we help feed Lincoln.

_dsc7002Every month the Center serves 10,000+ people over 250,000 pounds of food. On an annual basis the Center will distribute over three million pounds of food to what is roughly the equivalent of 10% of the population of Lincoln, NE.  These services are offered on-site, as well as at a number of locations throughout Lincoln. The program counts on volunteers who collectively contribute thousands of hours service to ensure that those in poverty can find success.

_dsc6977Hunger is a part of life for many in Lincoln. Each year, we conduct a Community Needs survey at our Toyland for Kids event to dig into poverty related issues. As in years past, food security issues were prevalent. A full 57% of our 2015 Community Needs Survey respondents reported worrying whether they would have enough food for themselves and their families each week, with 45% saying they have to skip meals because they didn’t have enough. In 2015, in partnership with the Lincoln Food Bank, the Neighborhood FOOD program distributed more than 2.5 million pounds of food to low-income families in Lincoln – Lancaster County. Our arrangement with the Lincoln Food Bank allows us to purchase all that tonnage of food for pennies on the dollar. For a total estimated value of $4,338,122.22 worth of food, the Center paid $49,869.87 (or .06 cents per pound). Funding for this program comes from both United Way – which contributes $25,000 annually, and private donations – which covered the remaining $24,869.87 in 2015. 73% of respondents to our community needs survey reported at least sometimes relying on CFPIN to meet their food security needs.

    Where and when we fight hunger