An organization with a single minded purpose: defeat poverty.

The Center for People in Need was founded in a 700 square foot garageabout-us
in 2002 by Beatty Brasch. Over the years it has grown to a 100,000 square foot facility, and is currently an important 501(c)(3) charity, serving tens of thousands of Linconites a year.

Housed in a former warehouse and retail store, the Center’s facilities include expansive classroom space serving hundreds of students daily, a fully staffed and equipped warehouse that distributes millions of dollars’ worth of consumer goods to those in need, as well as conference space, computer labs, and job training facilities.

Thousands of people seeking to improve their financial circumstances, overcome adversity and achieve success; enter the doors of the Center every month. Our core areas of impact include:

  1. Hunger Prevention: Through a number of community partners the CFPIN distributes food to low-income individuals throughout the week, both on-site as well as at locations strategically placed throughout the community.
  2. Social Support: Every year, the CFPIN hosts a number of events meant to alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion through toy drives, back to school and teen clothing events, holiday events and other events that take advantage of specific donations, such as: furniture assistance, or disaster assistance. A second component of our Social Support programming is our resource and referral services for those seeking to navigate the community’s services to self-improvement. In addition, we offer emergency assistance in the event of house fire, flood or other events that cause loss of essential needs.
  3. Adult Education: We offer a two-prong approach to helping low-income people increase earning potential. First, through valuable partners, we offer tuition free college associates degrees through Southeast Community College. Secondly, we offer daily English Language Education courses on-site. This program employs instructors, testing specialists and others to help adults achieve greater social and economic mobility through proficient English language use.
  4. Second Chances for Ex-Offenders: Finally, the CFPIN offers extensive programming tailored to allowing recent or current offenders from Nebraska correctional facilities to re-enter society with support, job training skills, as well as life skills. This program includes vocational training in specific marketable job skills, resume assistance and onsite job fairs, as well as case management support.

Our long-term mission is to enhance current services, enabling people to address issues of poverty with greater dignity and resolve. Moreover, we hope to broaden our scope of services, acting with purpose and facts to better proactively address local poverty while mitigating current circumstances.

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